SUN HEART REIKI is the healing arts practice of Laura Helen Winn

Reiki is a healing practice focusing on the whole person – body, mind & spirit. You can learn to live in harmony with your environment. Harmony in your life begins with inner transformation.

My practice weaves traditional reiki with sound healing, somatic meditation, tarot, intuitive guidance, and practical creative advice. Ultimately, reiki is an energy clearing for your physical, mental & emotional body. 

I’m a certified Level II Reiki practitioner in the Usui system of reiki. My teacher is Jennifer Brinn. Since graduating in May 2019, I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life: different backgrounds, cultures, and people of all generations. In 2019, I worked with adolescents in recovery at Newport Academy. Their work focuses on unearthing trauma, developing compassion & clearing space for new beginnings to blossom.

My private practice is on hiatus.

All reiki sessions are remote. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Individual Reiki 
Reiki with sound, meditation & integration. Discover why our body’s natural rhythm is intentionally linking through the heart, and radiating throughout our entire system: body, soul, heart, and mind.

Community Reiki   
Healing in groups of two or more is a beautiful way to deepen your connection with yourself, your partner, and your community. Learning to breathe silence in harmony is a cultivated skill that I can teach you in four 30-60 minute sessions.

Healing is my calling. Reiki, music, Vipassana meditation & mindful awareness are all practices that awaken my soul & support my healing practice. I offer my work with a compassionate heart & a desire to lift the veil of suffering through daily practice. Offering music as part of reiki sessions enriches my routine as a healing arts practitioner.

I believe that every healer carries their own unique medicine. 

My ancestry is Scottish, English, and Cherokee indigenous. Like many modern healers, my work is a blend of systems & traditions from beyond the scope of my own. As I deepen my inner work to decolonize my mind and bridge a connection to my familial lineage, my practice continues to bring me closer to the healing arts of my heritage.


I was fortunate enough to receive a short Reiki session from Laura. I was blown away by the potency of Love that was channeled into my being. I dropping into a state of being where I received clarity, light, and information from higher dimensions of Love. Whether you are curious of receiving Reiki for the first time or have been receiving for years, I recommend Laura's ability to channel this energy for transformation.
– Jesse
San Francisco
Your reiki is so soft and so nice energy for me. I received a message –

I love being me.
I am at the center of peace.
I open new doors to life.

Thank you for your kindness!
– Mayumi